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Growing up practically on a film set has shaped my perspective and fueled my passion for storytelling, leading me to curate a diverse portfolio. My initial venture into documentary filmmaking, "Olhar Instigado," earned recognition at the 40th São Paulo International Film Festival in 2017 and is now available on Amazon Prime. Following this, "Pagliacci" was launched by Globo Filmes in 2018.

In my role as an advertising director, I navigate seamlessly across genres—be it sports, humor, or documentary style. My forte lies in crafting Branded Content campaigns that prioritize meaningful engagement with the audience. I've had the privilege to conceive and develop projects for global agencies such as Publicis, Grey, McCann, Y&R, AKQA, Ogilvy, WThompson, collaborating with esteemed brands like Vodafone, Samsung, Panasonic, Gillette, Old Spice, Nivea, Netflix, Nestlé, McDonald's, Lacta, and Itaú.

Always open to new storytelling possibilities, I am enthusiastic about expanding the horizons of every project I undertake. Currently based in Lisbon, I am ready to infuse fresh perspectives into the vibrant tapestry of storytelling.

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